The Spur Factor Process

Discover your unknown potential and place yourself on the path to achievement and success. 

First, you’ll begin by taking an on-line assessment that enables you to hold a mirror to your perceptions, attitude and behaviors you experience in the ring.  The Spur Factor forms the initial launching point for The Spur Factor Process, giving you a baseline for your current level of awareness and performance. 

The Spur Factor Process will help you to:

  • Uncover how you react to stress in the ring
  • Increase confidence and self-awareness
  • Identify what is supporting and what is limiting your success
  • Achieve better results faster – with less effort and much less stress
  • Determine the cause of what is blocking you in the ring – and how to overcome it
  • Find out what kind of leader you are and the impact you have on others
  • Use a higher level of awareness to act or react in the ring… and in life!

Through the customized Spur Factor Process you will address barriers that are holding you back, enjoy a greater sense of fulfillment, and achieve the success you want in the ring – and in all other aspects of your life!

Take your Spur Factor assessment today! 



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